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Confettura di ALBICOCCHE

A traditional jam, ideal for breakfast and for making pies and other desserts. For our recipe we use the variety of apricots “Red of Costigliole” that is a true local and ancient excellence, with an intense aroma and a juicy pulp, able to tolerate the freezing temperature of Piedmontese winters and has late blossoming.

Ingredients: apricots, sugar

Confettura di FRAGOLE

Strawberry is a fruit that tend to easily absorb the substances with which it is eventually treated. For this reason, in our plantation we don’t use chemicals and herbicides; we only use natural fertilizers of our animals (fed with our hay) and we manually remove weeds.

Ingredients: strawberries, sugar



The taste of a variety of traditional apples enhanced by the addition of a pinch of cinnamon.
As with all our jams, we do not use preservatives, thickeners and acidity regulators but only a lot of healthy fruit matured on the plant and a very little of sugar, to guarantee a traditional and homemade production.

Ingredients: “renette” apples, sugar, cinnamon, lemon

Confettura di MIRTILLI

Even this jam is produced using lots of fruit and very little sugar. No thickeners or chemical preservatives are ever present.
For this reason we always recommend keeping the jar in a cool and dark place to preserve its characteristics.

Ingredients: blueberries, sugar



The Madernassa pear represents in Piemonte the classic pear to be cooked (the Madernassa Borgata is located in the province of Cuneo), ideal for cooking and for making jams in the period of October and November.
Our recipe is embellished by the presence of cinnamon that enhances the scent and sweetness of the fruit.

Ingredients: “madernassa” pears, sugar, cinnamon, lemon

Confettura di PERE WILLIAMS

This is a particular jam, prepared with a variety of pears normally intended for fresh consumption.
The fruits are harvested at the right degree of ripeness and immediately transformed without passage into cold storage in order to not modify their taste and to reduce the addition of sugar; in this case, 84% of the components are represented by fruit.

Ingredients: “williams” pears, sugar, lemon, vanilla


Confettura di PESCHE

Perhaps the jam par excellence, with a unique and summer scent and flavor.
It’s perfect to be enjoyed at breakfast or as a snack, spread on a slice of toast, or to enrich desserts.

Ingredients: peaches, sugar

Confettura di RAMASSIN

“Ramasin” is a small-sized variety of plums, known in Piemonte but almost unknown in the Italian regions.
It is a rustic plant, which does not require specific treatments or attentions. The fruits have a thin peel, the pulp is soft and their scent is very intense but they are very delicate. The harvest lasts only two or three weeks: the quantities collected are very limited.
The fruit, very sweet, is good to eat both fresh and processed in jams, spread on bread or used to make tarts.

Ingredients: “ramasin” plums, sugar


Confettura di SUSINE

For this classic jam we use the Santa Clara variety, typical of Piedmont.
It is an excellent variety both for desiccation and for processing into jams, which keep the sweet and intense taste of the fruit unchanged.

Ingredients: “susine” plums, sugar


It's a particular jam with homemade, sweet and aromatic taste.
The lemons come from the Amalfi coast and give to this product an intense flavour that matches very well biscuits or a slice of whole grain bread.
The combination with cocoa reduces the acidity of the lemon and the result is absolutely delicious.

Ingredients: lemons, sugar, cocoa

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